Celadon Forest

Mighty oaks and elms grow here, tended by treants, sylvan elves, and similar beings. These folk prevent the cutting of any live tree from the forest; the humans and elves who trade with the outside world are generally herbalists. Keoghtom’s ointment is said to derive from reagents gathered here. A great fire of mysterious origin damaged the western half in 571 CY.

The former baron of Woodwych conducted extensive logging operations here, igniting an anti-Nyrond rebellion. The new king has provided hope to the woods folk, but the new baroness appears every bit as ruthless as her predecessor.

History during the rule of Archibold I: There is much anger at Nyrond among the 2,500 high elves, 1,000 reclusive wood elves and 5,000 woodsmen who make their living from the Celadon Forest. They have no quarrel with Bereman of Beetu, and regard him as acceptable. They overlook his faults because of their fury at Bastrayne.

Initially, native Celadon folk tried to talk Nyrondese men out of pillaging the forest. When this failed they began to drive them away with threat of force. In return, the Baronial Guard and other militia actually mounted raids, killing woodsmen and elves, to teach them a lesson. Now, there is full scale skirmishing in and around the Celadon Forest. Most Celadon folk believe that their success in driving ordinary Nyrond folk away is sufficient, and that only strikes against militias are now needed. But there are angrier and more implacable people here, too. Some hunt down and kill Nyrondese who have taken up a life of banditry within the forest.

The small village of Copperstead has become the headquarters of the Defenders of Celadon. Here, high elves, woodsmen, and a defecting group of 15 Baronial Guard and 20 other Woodwych militia plan the violent overthrow of Bastrayne. They frequently carry out attacks on militias and even Woodwych merchants. Militant Brothers of the Bronze are among this group, although other Brothers argue strongly against any attacks on people.

Making matters worse, some of the 200 grugach among the wood elves are rumored to have raided the homes of woodsmen on the fringes of the forest, retaliating against humans indiscriminately. They are said to be aided by some of the 400 or so voadkyn of the
Celadon. There is also a move afoot to petition the Duke of Urnst for a formal alliance, sundering the traditional readiness of Celadon men to support Nyrond in times of need. There is real bitterness among the woodsmen since many of them fought for Nyrond in the wars, and intruders into the forest may be attacked and disabled first and interrogated later.


Celadon Forest

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