Carnakh (pop. 600) Carnakh is a small fishing village that has grown somewhat from the exodus of refugees fleeing the lands taken by the Orcish Empire. Now it is a lightly fortified town, and its people are on the lookout for raids from the south. Two high towers flank the town’s north and south ends, and a great many stones were piled together offshore to create an artificial island just large enough for yet another tower.

The town is most famous for the Peltander family, which owns most of the land and buildings in the town. The Peltanders date back over a hundred years, and their hold on the town leaves most of the other residents in a serf-like state. This has only been more deeply entrenched with the influx of refugees, making unskilled labor even more common. The family has a history of great physical strength. One member of the family is Suzo, a retired fighter approaching middle age who worked for the wizard Sevant (see Sevant’s Tower) until his employer was killed by a rival wizard. Suzo is still bitter about the experience, as his older brother Sonjar was killed in the wizard battle.

The townsfolk are are enthusiastic supporters of Greyhawk as they’d rather leave the military defense up to others so they can go about their business. The inns and restaurants here give the Hardby Marines free fish, bread, and beer whenever one of the war galleys is in port. Two of the younger Peltanders serve in the marines aboard war galleys, with one of them being the second mate to commander Wilbrem.

A tower of white stone overlooks the entry to the Carnakh’s port. This place is the home of an eccentric wizard named Chaine Zerenth, who likes to polymorph himself into a seagull to fly about the town. Since the encroachment of the orcs, he has also started to widen his flights to cover the bay a few miles south of the town. He has always had a habit of attracting odd guests who arouse much gossip, such as wizards from the Baklunish lands to the far northwest, elves from Nyrond, and even a group of acolytes from the Theocracy of the Pale (beyond Nyrond), who unsuccessfully tried to convert him and the town to worshiping that country’s patron deity, Pholtus (light, order, moons). Chaine has acquired two young wizards as students, and they sometimes accompany him on his flights using other shape-changing magic. The artificial island was built with the aid of Chaine’s spells.

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