Lesser Power of a parallel Prime Material Plane

Symbol: A bat
Home Plane: a parallel Prime Material Plane
Alignment: Chaotic evil (NE)
Portfolio: Bats, Vampires (as Zotzilaha), the Underworld (as Zotzilaha)
Alias: Zotzilaha or Zotz
Core Worshipers: Olman
Cleric Alignments:
Domains: Animal, Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Pestilence* (CD), Protection.
Favored Weapon: (+1 distance javelin)

Description: Camazotz (or “Zotz”) is the Olman god of bats and horrible things that fly at night. He is always shown as a huge bat surrounded by a cloud of normal bats. Like many Olman gods, he has a dual aspect – the ravenous monster that spreads plague and sickness as well as the benign fliers that eat crop-destroying insects. It is possible that Camazotz gained popularity (or notoriety) due to the ancient bat-people that used to live in Hepmonaland. The priests of Camazotz delight in terrifying and intimidating others, although they also help relieve the people from blights of insects. They are not above kidnapping and sacrificing political enemies under the cover of darkness. Ceremonial garb includes a black leather helm decorated with animal teeth. In parts of the Amedio Jungle, his worship includes an aspect of vampirism and the underworld; there he is known as Zotzilaha.

Worshippers: Camazotz is worshipped by many Olman and Olman-descended werebats. He is particularly popular in the nation of Telaneteculi, whose leader is a unique bat-vampire.

Clergy: Priests of Camazotz delight in inspiring terror, though they also play a role protecting people from crop-destroying insects. They sometimes kidnap and sacrifice political enemies under the cover of darkness. They wear leather helms and leather armor. Their color is saffron.

As with most Olman priests, priests of Camazotz must choose a direction to pray to at the beginning of their careers. Clerics of the east wear red, clerics of the south wear yellow, clerics of the west wear black, and clerics of the north wear white.

Temples: Camazotz is worshipped in temples and caves, which may be guarded by bats, vampires, or creatures of the Elemental Plane of Water such as nereids and water weirds.

Rituals and holy days: Every time Luna reaches its quarter phase, the public is forced to watch as priests of Camazotz sacrifice insects (often using insect plague spells) to appease their deity.

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