Bright Tower Keep

The walled fort now known as Bright Tower Keep, on the western shore at the mouth of the Selintan River, began as little more than a walled camp fifteen years ago to guard merchant routes. Built out of rock and earth by Greyhawk soldiers, the wall did little more than keep the wind out. Over time, local artisans were hired to rebuild the camp into a small outpost, adding a stone fort and a pair of earthen mounds for lookouts.

With the rise of the Orcish Empire in the Pomarj, alarmists in Greyhawk pushed to have additional defenses built to defend the northern end of the Wild Coast. Under the eyes of dwarven engineers from Greyhawk and with some financial support from the towns and villages to the north, construction was undertaken to make it a keep. Now it stands as a large guardhouse with attached donjon tower, a stable and smithy, all surrounded by a stone curtain wall. Siege towers are used in a unique fashion within the keep’s grounds to form a second line of defense. The soldiers stationed here are well trained and they stay alert for danger. A small cavalry of twelve medium horses is bivouacked here as well. The soldiers have a friendly rivalry with the Greyhawk mountaineers at Storm Keep, and a new enclosure is being built as a roost for griffons and to encourage the possibility of having a permanent flying cavalry garrisoned at this keep.

The keep takes its name from its whitewashed tower, which can be seen at a distance of 30 miles and is illuminated at night with continual light spells. Bright Tower Keep is a good place to trade news on activities in the northern portion of the Orcish Empire and the Wild Coast, as well as a safe place to retreat to if one is in trouble. The soldiers are always interested in hearing news, but are careful not to be too friendly with potential spies.

Bright Tower has a permanent garrison of fifty soldiers (proficient in longsword, bow, and catapults), a squad of five rangers (specialized in riding, plains and coastal lore), ten officers, and a commander, Captain Planck. On retainer are two clerics, one worshiping Pelor, the other Mayaheine. The soldiers drill regularly and patrol up and down the coast and inland up to thirty miles.

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Bright Tower Keep

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