Brass Hills

The jagged peaks of the Brass Hills, situated at the very center of the Bright Desert, afford superlative views of the surrounding landscape. Now wholly pacified by Rary’s forces, the hills swarm with his minions.

Some of the regions most interesting locals include:

  • Tower of the Sands
  • The Zochal
  • The Shrouded Citadel: Adventurers from Ul Bakak to the Wild Coast whisper of a newly discovered fortification deep in the hills constructed by Rary to incarcerate a prisoner of great value. No one knows the prisoner’s identity, but the swarms of norkers, Paynims, and hired adventurer-mercenaries keeping away the inquisitive illustrate the prisoner’s import. Rary himself visited the citadel several times in the closing days of 592 CY, leading many to assume the place plays some central role in his schemes.

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Brass Hills

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