Blackthorn is the closely guarded secret of Gnarlwood, the lair of ores and ogres concealed not far from the very edge of the forest it self. It is underground and in the process of expansion and development. Unlike most such sites, however, the labor at Blackthorn is invisible to the outside world. There is no messy collection of refuse, no steady stream of workers coming and going.

For those who come to Blackthorn come from below.

  • The rangers of Gnarley have spied humanoids exiting the tunnels and are mounting a joint operation with militia and woodsmen to clear out the upper levels at least. PC mercenaries can be recruited in Greyhawk; PC rangers could become (associate) members of the Gnarley rangers by participating. Woodsman or elven PCs should jump at this opportunity.
  • A priest of an orcish deity has traveled from the Pomarj to recruit the humanoids to the service of Turrosh Mak, bringing magical items as a reward. PCs must prevent him from getting to his unknown destination (he has been seen by spies from Narwell or Safeton).
  • Svirfnebli below Blackthorn come to their surface cousins to warn them of the humanoids’ plans, and the gnomes recruit the PCs to aid in rooting out the evil.

Gnarley Forest


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