Barony of Willip

Pop.: 50,000
Capital: Willip City
Standing Army: 2,500 troops; 5,000 navy
Ruler: Baron Xanthan Butrain

The Barony of Willip has a pivotal location on the Nyr Dyv. The Furyondian Royal Navy is based here, and keeps Furyondy’s coasts free of sea monsters and pirating. Most visitors to Willip arrive by sailing vessel here, and it is the one and only gateway to the Free City of Greyhawk and Nyrond. The Willip Arsenal, the dockyard, has grown considerably in the last six years, and is the largest in the Flanaess; construction here has nearly doubled in the last year alone, as the Kingdom attempts to reestablish a presence on Whyestil Lake and the dockyards at Crockport are still in ruins. The city of Willip, the Barony’s capital, is the largest city in the Kingdom.

Settlements and locations within the Barony of Willip:

Willip is ruled by the Baron Xanthan Butrain. He is popular, and plays a key role in the politics of the Kingdom. The Baron is a stern disciplinarian, and Willip has policies of “canon law” administered by clerics of St. Cuthbert and Zilchus. Only members of these faiths are allowed to adjudicate criminal and court matters, and even then, the presiding cleric must be of significant standing to hear the case.

Arcane spell casters are carefully monitored in the Barony unless in the service of the baron or the crown. All wizards, sorcerers, and spell-using bards must pay a Dweomercrafting Tax of 10 Wheatsheafs (gp) per month, and register their residence. Any wizard spending more than a few days in the Barony who does not pay this tax may be forced to pay up to 100 ‘sheafs in reparation. Sorcerers are viewed with particular suspicion here; many believe that sorcerers are in league with demons and other outsiders, as their innate spellcasting ability defies traditional wizardry. Sorcerers are best served hiding their presence in Willip.

The Baron’s greatest enemy is his cousin, Gregen. Gregen disputes the bloodline and alsolays claim to the title Baron Willip. Most do not believe Gregen and the fact that he is a cruel, despicable wretch is reason enough to back Xanthan. Gregen is rumored to be in service to Iuz.

Notable Religions: There are significant temples to a number of gods in the city of Willip—Heironeous, Pelor, Procan, Rao, and Mayaheine all have temples there. Smaller temples can also be found to Celestian and Fharlanghn, perhaps because of the large number of travelers passing through the city; these are the only real temples to these two gods in Furyondy. In addition, shrines to the sea gods Osprem and Procan can be found in towns along the coastline.

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Barony of Willip

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