Barony of Ingmalt

The Barony of Ingmalt makes up the northeast corner of the Principality. It has the main overland route north to the United Kingdom of Ahlissa. Farming and gold mining are the main trades here, as well as copper mining in lesser amounts. Copper contamination has resulted in the phrase “Ekehold red” being used in the gold trade. Ingmalt is the domain of House Oedil, ruled by Berik Oedil, a stern but fair noble.

Ekehold is a prosperous community with a highly skilled military force, dubbed Redswords as an honor to soldiers who fought against Hepmonalanders in Sarwych Forest, though the name originally referred to the aforementioned copper contamination of the gold mined here.

When the Great Kingdom still existed, Berik Oedil was the heir of House Oedil, but he lost his lands when the Brotherhood invaded. Prince Barzhaan returned his old lands after the war. During the war, his thankless task was to clear Ingmalt of Hepmonalanders. Nearly all of them fled to Sarwych Forest where the Ahlissan cavalry could not follow them easily. Casualties were high and no quarter was given in the following campaign, but eventually the Ahlissans triumphed. The Brotherhood retaliated, though, and succeeded in assassinating Berik Oedil’s wife, and he has never been quite the same after that, even after marrying Aeslith Euric from House Arxx. The new symbol of House Oedil, taken into use CY 591 is a variant of Ahlissan coat-of-arms where the nightingales have been removed and instead there is a black wolf under the Sun of Aerdy.

Locations and Settlements:

Principality of Naerie

Barony of Ingmalt

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