Barony of Grayhill

Grayhill is located in the northwestern corner of the Dreadwood. where the forest verges upon the Good Hills. The small barony is often described as an enchanted place, for it is a crossroads of human, elven, and gnomish cultures. It was in Grayhill, nearly nine centuries ago, that human and elven emissaries first met and exchanged words of peace under a starlit sky. This cooperation has continued ever since and the barony is now held by a minor noble house, known as the Lizhal. who migrated along with the Rhola and Neheli following the Twin Cataclysms. Unlike the majority of those two houses, the Lizhal are heavily intermarried with both Oeridian and elven bloodlines.

Settlements and Locations within the Barony of Grayhill:

The village of Grayhill (pop. 985) stands much as it did centuries ago. a confluence of human and elven cultures. Other human villages dot the northern hills of the barony. but the elvish settlement of Silglen (pop. 780) in the southeast remains the second largest settlement.

Despite its small size, this barony is noteworthy for having produced the current monarch. Kimbertos Skotti, as well as many of the most important advisers at court, including the Royal Archmage Lashton. The current Baron of Grayhill is the king’s younger brother, Markos Skotti (NG male human Fighter L7). Markos seems to prefer the politics of court to daily rulership of the arboreal barony, for he spends more than half the year in council at Niole Dra, pressing his brother’s interests and leading the so-called “Royal Faction.” It is no secret that should Kimbertos fail to produce a suitable heir before his death, the Baron Skotti would like primary consideration from the Court of the Land to be successor to the Throne of the Lion. ln this effort, he has an ally of convenience in Lashton. Markos often leaves the governance of Grayhill to his wife, an able lady who is much loved by the elves (with whom she shares some minor kinship). High Herald Cezar Bartos (LE human male Wizard L9/Fighter L4) (called Lykos by his enemies) performs the day-to-day administration of the barony. It is widely suspected that the cold-hearted Bartos acts as the eyes and ears of Lashton in the province.


Barony of Grayhill

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