Barony of Derevendt

The Barony of Derevendt encompasses the narrow “neck” of the Principality, being a corridor of extremely fertile land that borders on the Hollow Highlands. Derevendt used to be part of the domain of House Eddri. However, with the advent of Haxx rule, the lesser nobles of Derevendt were given more control over local affairs. Several knights of the minor nobility have been awarded land and manors in the aftermath of the war with the Scarlet Brotherhood, earning Derevendt the name “the Patchwork Province”. These nobles are highly loyal to the Prince due to their recent elevation.

Derevendt is by far the largest barony in Naerie. However, the vast majority of it’s population (like elsewhere in Naerie) are farmers living in small hamlets. Terrain rises towards the Hollow Highlands, hindering farming slightly so cattle herding is a choice for many farmers. Fishing also generates revenue. There are also some mines located on the edges of the Hollow Highlands. Aside from this, taxation of commoners and merchants is the other main source of income.

Locations and Settlements in Derevendt:

Principality of Naerie

Barony of Derevendt

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