Banebridge (Village): Conventional
Alignment: NG
Population 664 (Halfling 96%, Human 2%, Elf 1%, Other Races 1%)

Authority Figures: Pilnoe Safehome, owner of the Sleeping Sparrow Inn and head of member council; Drif Sharpthorn – Marshal and member of elder council; Driphen Curehand – Journeyman priest of Zilchus; Mextra Tanglebeard – Head priest of Yondalla and member of elder council; Venisera Darkleaf – Mayor of Banebridge and head of elder council

Overview: Banebridge is a town that caters to the needs of the large Halfling clan in the area, the Darkleaf Clan, and to the many travelers along the Gnarley Road. As such, it is a relatively small village with businesses specific to the needs of the community. It sits on the banks of Flint Creek, and has a bridge that crosses the creek. The Bane Bridge is a fortified bridge that was the site of a battle long ago. On the bank opposite the village are burial mounds of the dead from that battle. The population is Halfling, but for specialized needs there are experts that have been imported. The community is also where the clan’s farming help goes to relax after a long day of tending the fields. Half-orcs are typically treated with suspicion until they prove they have business in town, and their stopovers are accepted/tolerated. Good company is also taken into account.

Notable Locations in Banebridge:
The Sleeping Sparrow Inn is a wood and brick building with wooden shingles. It has a nice porch upon which chairs, some rocking, and benches are evident. There are shade trees to keep the glare from the setting sun from offending the eyes of the gentle customers. The building is in good shape. Upon entering the Inn, people see the common room in the one story portion of the building with its many tables, benches, bar, and chairs. There is a fireplace in the North wall, a staircase along the West wall, and a bar along the South wall. A curtain leading into the kitchen is at the West-end of the bar. The stairs lead to rooms above the kitchen. The Sleeping Sparrow Inn has rooms for all races, but are typically a little more expensive. They all have beds with fine mattresses, a bed stand, a writing desk or table, and a wardrobe. All of these items appear to be of good quality, and have a high polish on them. The rooms on the East side are those for human sized guests. The Inn typically has a fire in the fireplace, and smells of fresh food can be had throughout the day. Bread and sausages in the morning, beef and barley stews are typical around noon, and roast chicken or pork in the evenings. Pilnoe’s cook, Bargrid, is an expert chef and many people come just for the food served. The Inn is owed by Pilnoe Safehome, a Halfling, and is one of the few buildings and businesses in town that does not have a backer from the Darkleaf clan. As such Pilnoe always tries to keep the establishment clean and proper. Otherwise the Darkleaf clan may see an opportunity. As it is the Inn does more business in meals than in overnight guests.

There are two religions represented in the village, Zilchus and Yondalla. Driphen and his “employees” run an accounting house, and handle most of the Darkleaf clan accounts in the area represent Zilchus. Yondalla is represented by Mextra, and is the real religion of the community.



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