Banebridge (Village): Conventional
Alignment: NG
Population 664 (Halfling 96%, Human 2%, Elf 1%, Other Races 1%)

Authority Figures: Pilnoe Safehome, owner of the Sleeping Sparrow Inn and head of member council; Drif Sharpthorn – Marshal and member of elder council; Driphen Curehand – Journeyman priest of Zilchus; Mextra Tanglebeard – Head priest of Yondalla and member of elder council; Venisera Darkleaf – Mayor of Banebridge and head of elder council

Overview: Banebridge is a town that caters to the needs of the large Halfling clan in the area, the Darkleaf Clan, and to the many travelers along the Gnarley Road. As such, it is a relatively small village with businesses specific to the needs of the community. It sits on the banks of Flint Creek, and has a bridge that crosses the creek. The Bane Bridge is a fortified bridge that was the site of a battle long ago. On the bank opposite the village are burial mounds of the dead from that battle. The population is Halfling, but for specialized needs there are experts that have been imported. The community is also where the clan’s farming help goes to relax after a long day of tending the fields. Half-orcs are typically treated with suspicion until they prove they have business in town, and their stopovers are accepted/tolerated. Good company is also taken into account.

Notable Locations in Banebridge:

  • Pilnoe Safehome’s The Sleeping Sparrow Inn
  • Turnas’ smithy
  • Softpetal’s seamstress shop
  • Joran’s cobbler shop
  • Chat’s livery
  • Cilis’ camp
  • Mrs. Talltree’s residence
  • Montor’s residence
  • Sheriff’s office
  • The Leather Jack tavern

There are two religions represented in the village, Zilchus and Yondalla. Driphen and his “employees” run an accounting house, and handle most of the Darkleaf clan accounts in the area represent Zilchus. Yondalla is represented by Mextra, and is the real religion of the community.

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