The Strong, The Leg Breaker, The Son of Gruumsh
Lesser Power of the Infinite Battlefield of Acheron

Symbol: A broken thigh bone
Home Plane: Acheron/Nishrek
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Loyalty, stupidity, brute strength
Superior: Gruumsh
Alias: none
Core Worshipers: Orcs
Worshipers: Barbarians, followers, orcs, physically strong beings, warriors, wrestlers
Cleric Alignments: CE, CN, NE
Domains: Chaos, Competition* (CD), Courage* (CW), Destruction, Evil, Strength.
Favored Weapon: Crunch (+1 keen spiked gauntlet)

Bahgtru (bog-true) is an awesomely stupid god of incredible might, who scorns all arms and armaments or workings of magic, and values only physical strength. He is said to challenge and battle all manner of archetypal beasts and roams the planes tearing the landscape asunder.

The church of Bahgtru is largely subservient to the temple of Gruumsh, not unlike the relation between the son and the father. Bahgtru’s clergy are often the strongest members of the tribe, leading the elite males, who serve as bodyguards to the chief. The Son of Gruumsh insists his clerics remain unquestioningly loyal to the chieftain of the tribe until he is defeated in a challenge of physical prowess or slain. They engage in near constant physical training, and subject the young males of the tribe to endless training as well to improve their strength, and thus the overall strength of the tribe. For Bahgtru’s faithful, loyalty extends only to the clan, and thus rivalries between clans are encouraged, for doing so strengthens the orc race as a whole.

The clerics and adepts of Bahgtru pray for their spells at dusk when the Leg Breaker tears the sun from the sky. Each month, when the moon is full, Bahgtru’s followers gather for a Festival of the Strength, during which many challenges drawn on physical prowess are held. Some challenges are lethal, an inevitable winnowing of the weak. Many clerics multiclass as barbarians, even in fairly civilized tribes, although some multiclass as fighters or warriors.

Clergy and Temples
Bahgtru’s followers are often the strongest of the orc tribes, and required to be unwaveringly loyal to their chieftain – until he is defeated in a challenge of physical strength or is slain. Among Bahgtru’s faithful, loyalty only extends to the clan, rivalries between clans are encouraged. Bahgtru’s priests wear loincloths and nothing else. His sacred animal is the ox.

History/Relationships: Bahgtru is the son of Gruumsh and Luthic. He is said to have killed the first béhir, breaking each one of its legs in the process and earning him his moniker. Bahgtru is feared by the other orc gods for his incredible strength, yet they call on him for assistance when they have need. Ilneval secretly resents Gruumsh’s stupid, but loyal, son, for he dares not challenge the One-Eyed Good while Bahgtru remains loyal to him. Bahgtru is implacably opposed to the goblinoid deities, although he attacks them only when Gruumsh permits. He also hates the Seldarine and other sylvan deities, whose physical weakness he scorns. While Bahgtru respects the might of the dwarven gods, he still wishes to crush their skulls. Bahgtru also opposes the most obvious plots of deities of deception, including Baravar Cloakshadow, Cyric, and Mask.

Dogma: The strong shall crush the weak, thus strengthening the tribe. Scorn the shields of weakness and rely only on your physical prowess, for strength is enduring. Think not crafty thoughts, for they undermine the strength of the tribe. Loyalty to your leader is all that is required of you.

Holy Days: Bahgtru’s holy days are on battle days, and services to honor him must be conducted on a battlefield. The bones of orcish enemies are sacrificed to him before battle.

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