The Platinum Dragon, King of the Good Dragons, Grandfather of Dragons, Lord of the North Wind, the Dragon King, Justicemaker, Draco Paladin
Lesser Power of the Seven Mounting Heavens of Celestia

Symbol: A star above a milky nebula
Home Plane: Celestia (Bahamut’s Palace)
Alignment: Lawful good
Portfolio: Good dragons, wind, wisdom
Superior: Io
Alias: none
Core Worshipers: Dragons
Worshipers: : Good dragons, anyone seeking protection from evil dragons
Cleric Alignments: : LG, NG
Domains: Air, Cold* (CD, Fb), Dragon* (Dr), Good, Law, Luck, Protection.
Favored Weapon: +1 frost heavy pick or bite

Special Notes: Clerics/Favored Souls are restricted to one of two alignments: LG or NG.

Description: Bahamut (bah-hahm-ut), revered by good dragons (especially gold, silver and brass), is stern and disapproving of evil, but kind and helpful to the downtrodden and dispossessed. Bahamut is revered in many locales. Though all good-aligned dragons pay homage to Bahamut, gold, silver, and brass dragons hold him in particularly high regard. Other dragons, even evil ones (except perhaps his archrival Tiamat), respect Bahamut for his wisdom and power.

In his natural form, Bahamut is a long, sinuous dragon covered in platinum scales that sparkle and gleam even in the dimmest light. Bahamut’s catlike eyes are deep blue, as azure as a midsummer sky, some say. Others insist that Bahamut’s eyes are a frosty indigo, like the heart of a glacier. Perhaps the colors merely reflect the Platinum Dragon’s shifting mood.

Dogma: Bahamut is stern and very disapproving of evil. He brooks no excuses for evil acts. In spite of this stance, he is among the most compassionate beings in the multiverse. He has limitless empathy for the downtrodden, the dispossessed, and the helpless. He teaches his followers to strive against evil wherever they can, and to help others become strong enough to resist evil by themselves. He urges his followers to promote the cause of good, but prefers to let beings fight their own battles when they can. To Bahamut, it is better to offer information, healing, or a (temporary) safe refuge rather than to take others’ burdens upon oneself.

An equally important aspect to Bahamut is his constant conflict with Tiamat. He continually stands in opposition to her world-dominating schemes. Most recently, she has begun a campaign to heavily populate the world with her spawn. Bahamut has answered this outbreak of evil by recruiting stalwart heroes to his side—the dragonborn.

Clergy: Bahamut accepts only good clerics. Clerics of Bahamut, whether they are dragons, half-dragons, or other beings attracted to Bahamut’s philosophy, strive to take constant but subtle action on behalf of good, intervening wherever they are needed but striving to do as little harm in the process as possible.

Bahamut’s few non-dragon clerics learn the Platinum Dragon’s teachings at the foot of a dragon, usually an older gold or silver dragon in humanoid form. The relationship is one of teacher and student, with the duo typically traveling to see the effects of injustice and cruelty firsthand.

Clerics of Bahamut, be they dragons, halfdragons, or other beings attracted to Bahamut’s philosophy, strive to take constant but subtle action on behalf of good, intervening wherever they are needed, but trying to do as little harm as possible in the process.

Bahamut’s chief foe is Tiamat, and this enmity is reflected in the attitude of each deity’s worshipers. Followers of Bahamut respect Heironeous, Moradin, Yondalla, and other lawful good deities.

Wherever honest folk struggle under the yoke of oppression, Bahamut’s followers are found, striving to protect the righteous from evil. Sometimes worshipers of Bahamut wear their affiliation proudly, charging into battle with the Platinum Dragon as their standard, just as often, however, the worshipers work undercover and behind the scenes.

Quests: Bahamut’s worshipers are most apt to go on a quest to destroy or stop one of Tiamat’s spawn. Whenever they have a reasonable opportunity to do so, followers of Bahamut act to thwart Tiamat or her minions.

Common missions include rescuing a village from a rapacious warlord, breaking up a cabal of foul necromancers, or riding at the vanguard of an army that assaults the gates of Hell itself.

Prayers: Worshipers follow the philosophy that one should “pray with one’s deeds, not one’s mouth.” Each act that promotes the welfare of good dragonkind or thwarts the depravity of evil dragonkind is a prayer of action. Many of Bahamut’s proverbs take the form “To [action] is [assessment]”. For example, “To oversleep is folly,” or “To smite evil is laudable.”

Temples: Temples to Bahamut are rare in the extreme. Those that exist are beautiful, elegant structures with clean, simple lines. The furnishings of a temple are simple, without embellishment or adornment. The building includes meeting rooms where followers can gather to worship or to plan their next campaign against Tiamat’s spawn, as well as smaller, private rooms where individuals can pray, meditate, or rest and recuperate in privacy.

Temples to Bahamut are almost all shrines within the current or former lairs of dragons. Many gold, silver, and brass dragons maintain simple shrines to Bahamut in their lairs, usually nothing more elaborate than Bahamut’s symbol scribed on a wall. Bahamut is not appreciative of being honored by objects, emphasizing deeds instead.

They’re good places to go to ask about ancient lore or get something translated from Draconic – but they’re often in remote, forbidding places. When your fellow worshipers are all dragons, you needn’t bother with elaborate temple defenses. Bahamut’s worshipers often celebrate believers who enter some new stage in their life: starting a business venture, becoming a soldier, getting married, and so forth.

In addition to the dragonborn, Bahamut is served by seven great gold wyrms that often accompany him when he visits the Material Plane.

Rites: Bahamut’s worshipers and clergy don’t have formal rituals or ceremonies. The only activity that one would call a rite is the Rite of Rebirth, by which a humanoid becomes a dragonborn.

Herald and Allies: Bahamut uses a mature adult celestial gold dragon as his herald. His allies include good dragons, half-dragons, draconic creatures, and dragonborn.

If a dragonborn strays from her holy duties, Bahamut sends one of his aspects to visit her. The aspect endeavors to talk with the transgressor, and uses reason and diplomacy to remind her of the commitment she accepted when she became a dragonborn.

Relics: Gauntlet of the talon, platinum helm

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