The Prime, the Progenitor of Worlds, the Great Creator, the All-Father
Greater Power of the Concordant Domain of the Outlands

Symbol: Two hands with wrists together and hands pointing down
Home Plane: Outlands (Hidden Realm)
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Giants, Magic, Knowledge, Fertility, Philosophy
Superior: none
Alias: none
Core Worshipers: Giants
Cleric Alignments:
Domains: Creation* (CD), Force* (CD), Knowledge, Magic, Plant, Sun.
Favored Weapon: +1 improved unarmed strike, defending

Description: Annam is the fertile progenitor of worlds. Annam has a conflicted nature that proves to be his undoing. On the one hand, he is an all-knowing god of learning, philosophy, and deep meditations; Annam is omniscient, but he chooses not to know certain things, in his wisdom. But, against this vastly cerebal nature, one must set Annam’s instinctual, even lustful nature. He is not a god for whom contemplations hold endless attraction. Annam appears as a giant of truly staggering size – white-haired, wearing a robe of midnight blue.

Dogma: Worshippers of Annam believe the giants are destined to rule the world. They are taught to honor the Ordning, the hierarchy of giantish society. They are advised not to raise their hands against their fellow giants, and taught not to fear the passage of time, which favors the giants over shorter-lived peoples. They are not to underestimate other races, but neither are they to allow them to impede their goals.

Relationships: Annam fathered the gods Stronmaus, Grolantor, Iallanis, and Skoraeus Stonebones on an unnamed sky goddess. Surtr, the dead goddess Shax, Diancastra, Hiatea, Thrym, and Karontor are also said to be his children, but perhaps with different wives or concubines (of which Annam is said to have had many). Memnor is sometimes said to be his son with the sky goddess, and other times said to be his brother, or the spawn of a world-devouring monster that Annam or Stronmaus destroyed. An enormous, hideous ogress is said to have seduced Annam, with Vaprak as the result.

Annam is most proud of his son Stronmaus, who inherited much of his power, but he wearies of his other, more quarrelsome sons. He seemed incapable at first of even noticing his daughters until Hiatea proved herself to him by means of a series of heroic feats. He accepted the later birth of Iallanis, and Diancastra’s feats of wit impressed him greatly, convincing him to elevate her to the status of hero-deity.

Annam is fertile and vigorous, and he makes a considerable number of mistakes when governed by his instincts. Thus his son, Stronmaus, makes him proud and contented, but his other sons have been distinctly less of a blessing to him.

Annam has largely retreated from events on the Material Plane, grown weary of having to watch countless worlds and conflicts; he has few followers or clerics. Only events that will affect the course of history for an entire world (like the Rain of Colorless Fire) are sufficient to attract his attention. Annam does not grant visions or omens, save once in the lifetime of each cleric.

Clergy: Annam’s priests are extremely rare since the god’s retreat, and some worlds may have no priests whatsoever. They must be truly exceptional, having the blood of the elder giants in their veins, and rule their people as kings. Annam may grant omens to his priest-kings once they reach 10th level, revealing the broad course of the future history of the priest’s people. He will do this only once in their lives, and will grant omens to no one else.

Any priest or shaman of Annam who strikes another giant, willingly or not, must forfeit his position or undergo divestiture.

The Grand Feast of the All-Father: On the first day of the first month of each year, all giants put aside their other duties to ingest vast amounts of food and to celebrate Annam’s eventual return. Most tribes celebrate their unity by sending ambassadors to attend each other’s celebrations.

Ceremony of Investiture: Once every two years, a priest of Annam holds a special ceremony to invest new clergy into the service of the various giantish gods. It is considered a great honor for a tribe’s temple to be selected for this purpose.
Prayer Vigil:* Once a month, a prayer vigil is conducted to honor the All-Father and ask for his guidance.

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