Academy of Sorcery

While the Academy of Sorcery in Dyvers is nowhere near as large and renowned as the Free City’s Guild of Wizardry in Greyhawk, it is an institute worthy of respect. Academy wizards are all required to do charitable works for the city (usually minor tasks such as casting continual light spells in Old Town, ESP to aid a trial, and so on), which irritates some but for most generates personal interest in the city.

Their office is a stone building near the east tower on the Royal Grounds defensive wall, and it is not unknown for Academy wizards to defend Dyvers with long-range spells when large creatures threaten the city. The current head of the Academy is Hodar, an expatriate of Urnst with a great resentment against the Free City’s Guild of Wizardry for unknown reasons.

Sean K. Reynolds. Greyhawk Adventures, Slavers, 2000

Royal Grounds of Dyvers

Academy of Sorcery

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