Theocrat Ogon Tillit

His Worshipful Mercy, Supreme Prelate of the Pale


Ogon Tillit is in his late 50’s. He has neatly cut brown hair and no beard or mustache, which has grown considerably grey in the past few years. He has an angular, chiseled face and soul-piercing, hazel eyes. He is of thin build and stands just under 6’ tall. He strives to walk with confidence and the distinguished air fitting his stature as the mortal representative of Pholtus on Oerth, but his sickness makes this a challenge and at times his frailty is painfully obvious. He is nearly always seen wearing the vestments and ceremonial garb of Pholtus.

Ogon Tillit is a master politician. In this role, he has mastered the full range of human emotion, and he uses this mastery in his everyday dealings. He can be extremely warm, endearing and friendly one moment, and then, if the situation warrants, become stern, cold and commanding the next. He is very calculating and meticulous when it comes to the machinations of his office. He is neither cautious nor reckless, and he guides the country with a steady and wise hand. He earnestly believes that it is best for the people to truly know Pholtus. Other religions and faiths only serve to confuse people and direct them away from the one true path. Therefore, all other religions, even goodly ones, should be harshly discouraged in the Pale.


Ogon Tillit was born in the small village of Dartford in the Holdworthy Archdiocese. His parents were middle-class merchants trading in the meager gems that their region produced. However, when Ogon was four years old, a particularly bitter ice storm claimed the lives of both of his parents and his only sibling – his sister named Shalia (age 8). His relatives were too poor to take in Ogon, so he was deposited into the care of Bishop Mondrell of Holdworthy.

It was at Holdworthy Cathedral where Ogon spent his youth. When it came to absorbing his studies, Ogon was a pretty average student. However, where he excelled above the others was in his dedication and resolve. Long after other kids would set their homework aside, Ogon would be studying the scriptures. This is not to say, however, that he was a lonely child. Ogon would interact widely with children and adults alike, developing the interactive skills that he would use throughout his life.

Ogon’s first leadership role occurred when he was seventeen. Bishop Mondrell placed him in charge of a scouting mission involving some local soldiers, Church Militant and a dozen miners. They were to search the Rakers for new potential silver and gem mines. Ogon met this challenge with apprehension, and his nervousness was warranted. Deep in the achingly cold mountains, the scouting party was ambushed by a large group of bugbears and orcs. Ogon quickly realized that some would need to sacrifice and fall so that others might live. He ordered a few of the Church Militant to stand by him and hold off the attacking humanoids to allow the others a chance to escape. Ogon fought the enemy with heart and determination, but his lack of experience quickly led him to be felled by a well-aimed blow from a bugbear. Ogon weakly recited a prayer to Pholtus before losing consciousness.

Ogon awoke an unknown amount of time later to find himself alive and largely unharmed. Strangely, even though the dead bodies of the Church Militant had been looted and stripped, Ogon’s gear was intact. Stranger yet, the wound that he had sustained was completely healed. Ogon returned to Holdworthy amidst celebrations and accolades.

Since that day, Ogon Tillit has undertaken many missions and trials for the greater glory of Pholtus. His successes have allowed him to rise all the way to Theocrat. And through it all, he has demonstrated a fierce determination, an unswerving loyalty to Pholtus and the Pale, and an ability to lead through wise, decisive action.

Ogon’s greatest setback was at the hand of a friend on the eve of victory. In CY 588, as Iuz’s forces were defeated just outside of Atherstone, the Theocrat surveyed the battlefield and congratulated the noble warriors. As always, he was accompanied by Lazarus, the Theocrat’s Champion and Master of the Eastern Sun. Suddenly, Lazarus revealed himself to be a demon in disguise, summoning two demons and slaying Ogon before the surprised Theocrat could even act. The demon took the holy relic known as Tyrael’s Chalice, an item of great power, from the Theocrat and disappeared to the Lower Planes.

Ogon was later raised. However, the wounds inflicted upon him by the Lazarus-demon have never truly healed. The Theoocrat has been inflicted with a wasting disease, his health deteriorating consistently. Some whisper that he won’t live much past CY 591.

Theocrat Ogon Tillit

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