Queen-Consort Rachern

Queen-Consort of the United Kingdom of Ahlissa


With her flawless olive complexion, lustrous black hair and limpid brown eyes, Rachern is rightfully counted as one of the most beautiful women in the Flanaess. Ten years her husband’s junior, she is the perfect complement to Xavener – both to the eye of the outside world and in their character.


The queen consort is a scheming and heartless woman, fond of the luxury and privilege that her title has brought her. To fend off boredom, she uses her courtiers and servants as pawns in cruel political games of her own devising, setting one against another with a carefully placed comment here or an offhand remark there.

A daughter of the minor, but wealthy House of Haxx, Rachern was much sought after in her youth, especially by impoverished princes wishing to profit from her sizeable dowry. Prince Harnnad of Nulbish pursued her particularly, though out of love rather than the desire for wealth. In the end, Rachern cruelly rejected Harnnad for the dashing Prince Xavener of Kalstrand (as he was then), shrewdly recognising that his ambition would carry him far. The queen-consort’s betrayal of Harnnad was well rewarded.

Despite her privileged position (or perhaps because she fears losing it), Rachern is growing desperate to produce a son for Xavener. As a result she is turning to all manner of priests, mages and charlatans in the hope of ensuring that her next child will be a boy.

Queen-Consort Rachern

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