Prince Zeech

Prince of the Principality of Redhand


Prince Zeech is a handsome man in his early forties, but a life of decadence and heavy spending has left him with the countenance of a man much younger. He wears his hair loose and Just off his shoulders, and dresses at the cutting edge of the current style.


Prince Zeech is an effete man of modest stature and devilish appearance. He is comfortable bathed in decadence. He has become increasingly capable as a politician, known for his shrewd manipulation of the Black Quartet and other regional governors. Zeech is an accomplished warrior and priest of Hextor, though his appearance belies those talents. He keeps his hair and beard trimmed short and speaks with a dry, husky voice. His recent marriage to Baroness Alma of Balmund has raised more questions than it answered about his tastes. Few dispute the boldness of the move however, as it has doubled the lands controlled by Redhand.

Prince Zeech

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